I got refunded

I had a pretty mediocre experience with Fryd Disposable. The Vanilla Custard flavor was just okay, nothing special. The device didn’t last as long as advertised, and I found myself needing a replacement sooner than expected. For the price, I was hoping for a more satisfying vaping experience. I’ll be exploring other options in the …

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Step up

I tried the Fryd Disposable vape, and unfortunately, it didn’t live up to the hype. The Blueberry Muffin flavor was way too artificial for my liking. The device itself felt cheap, and I encountered issues with the airflow. It’s not the worst, but I expected better quality, especially for the price. I’ll be sticking to …

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Planning bulk purchase

Fryd Disposable is a game-changer! The Pineapple and Cream flavor is like a tropical paradise in my mouth. The compact size makes it perfect for discreet vaping, and the device lasted longer than I expected. No need to carry extra e-liquid or worry about charging cables. If you’re a pineapple fan like me, you won’t …

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Best store

Fryd Disposable totally exceeded my expectations! The Caramel and Apple flavor was a delightful surprise. The device is sleek and easy to carry, making it perfect for on-the-go vaping. The battery life held up well, and I enjoyed the convenience of not having to worry about refilling or charging. Definitely recommending it for its fantastic …

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fryd bulk

I hope they do better

I had a mixed experience with Fryd Disposable. While the convenience is nice, the device itself seemed to have some quality issues. I had one that leaked, making a mess and wasting the liquid. The flavor, in my opinion, was also a bit too sweet for my liking, and I couldn’t vape it for an …

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A returning buyer

I’m a fan of Fryd Disposable vapes! The convenience of having a disposable device is unbeatable, and the flavor options are great. I tried the Watermelon flavor, and it was refreshing and not too overpowering. The compact design makes it easy to carry around, and I appreciate not having to deal with refilling or charging. …

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It was a good deal

Honestly, I was disappointed with the Fryd Disposable vape. The flavor, in my opinion, was too artificial, especially the fried dough aspect. It tasted more like a chemical mix rather than an authentic fried treat. The device itself started losing its power after just a few uses, and I felt like it didn’t last as …

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I recently tried the Fryd Disposable vape and was pleasantly surprised by its flavor. The Banana and Fried Dough combination is unique and delicious. The device is also convenient and easy to use. It’s perfect for someone looking for a hassle-free vaping experience without the need for refilling or charging. Highly recommend it for its …

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