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At Fryd Extracts, our aim is to deliver a unique package of innovation and luxury to cannabis enthusiasts. We strive to make products that are easy to use and effective. At the same time, we innovate and improve, and we never compromise on the top-notch quality and care put into our products. Fryd Extracts is here to push the limits of what is possible, lifting your cannabis experience to a place past your expectations.



Fryd extracts live resin is different from other marijuana extractions because it is made by flash freezing fresh marijuana.

The grower skips the curing, drying, and trimming stages of the marijuana plant harvesting process and instead freezes the fresh marijuana plants quickly after harvest. The plant remains frozen all through the process.

Fryd Extract might be new but has already drawn comparison to a few established cartridge brands such as jeeter. Due to our fast growing popularity there have being a lot of fakes. Contact us via our website to place an official order for fryd disposables today.

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